3 Maintenance Issues to Consider with Your Hybrid

Hybrids are growing in popularity in a time and age where caring about the environment becomes more important. A rising number of drivers are now driving a different breed of vehicle, which raises questions about how to properly maintain them. Here are a few ways hybrid maintenance is different than a gas burning vehicle. Hybrid maintenance can be more cost-effective than gasoline-powered car maintenance as long as you keep up with your maintenance schedule. If you own a hybrid or are thinking about buying one, you need to know these!

Oil Changes

The purpose of a car’s oil is to lubricate the engine and to absorb heat created when the engine runs. Since hybrids use battery power part of the time, the engine isn’t in need of oil as much. This means oil lasts longer and doesn’t need to be changed quite as often. With a gasoline-powered vehicle, most mechanics suggest changing the oil every 3,000 miles. Mechanics suggest changing oil every 5,000 miles for most hybrids, and maybe even less often depending on the type of oil you use!

Brake Pads

Interestingly enough, hybrids also don’t require brake pad changes as frequently as gasoline-powered vehicles do.Even though drivers still use brakes as much much, hybrids have brakes that regenerate electricity instead of using standard brakes like other cars do. Hybrids also produce lower heat because it sources its power from a battery which helps preserve brake pads as well.


Most people worry about having to replace the battery of their hybrid, since its the main component that sets them apart from other cars. The only battery maintenance that is really required is making sure the air filter is changed about every 40,000 miles, and that only for certain models like the Ford Escape Hybrid. Many hybrid batteries have been tested and proven to last up to 180,000 miles without a replacement and most hybrid owners claim that their battery has lasted up to 200,000 miles and still run great! Talk with your specialized hybrid mechanic about your hybrid’s battery and the best way to maintain its optimized performance. Battery replacement is usually around 2,000.

Hybrids are different types of cars and require different types of care. They can save money on maintenance but it’s still important to maintain them correctly so they last a long time and operate at their best! Cooper Auto repair specializes in hybrid maintenance and repair, so for any inquiries feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment and we’re happy to help!

Written by Coopers Auto Repair Specialists

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