8 Games to Play on a Road Trip

road trip

Whether it’s a quick trip across town or a family vacation to the beach, roadtrips are great bonding opportunities for all passengers. Here are some games to play in the car that would be fun for adults and kids alike!

1. The Singing Game- One person sings a line from a song. The next person must connect it to another song. And it keeps going. For example, “Take on me, take me on…” “On the arms of an angel…” “Angel.. You’re my darling angel.” On it goes until someone gives up!
2. 21 Questions – One person thinks of a person, place, or object. The rest of the passengers have to ask a maximum of 21 yes or no questions to try to figure it out.
3. Road Trip Bingo – Create bingo cards for things that can be seen along the way like cows or railroad crossings. First person to see 5 in a line wins!
4. I spy – This classic game begins with one person finding and describing an object within their sight saying “I spy something with my little eye something… “ The other passengers then have to guess what they spy.
5. License Plate Game – On longer road trips, this fun game includes seeing how many different states you identify on license plates of passing cars.
6. The Picnic Game – This alphabet and memory game starts with one person saying “I went to a picnic and I brought apples”. The next person must repeat what the previous person said and add in another product with the next letter of the alphabet: “I went to a picnic and I brought apples and bananas”.
7. Synonyms – Think of a title of a movie, song, or book and rename it using only synonyms. The other passengers then have to guess the real title. For example “Disappeared alongside the breeze” is “Gone With The Wind”.
8. Cows on my Side – This is another great game for long road trips. Each time there’s a cow, the passengers on that side have to call out “Cows on my side!” and receive a point. If they don’t call it out, the passengers on the other side call out “Cows on your side!” and steal their point. The side with the most points at the end of the trip wins.
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Written by Coopers Auto Repair Specialists

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