Meet our Family, Dependable Service Team, and Brilliant Technicians

Welcome to Coopers Auto Repair Specialists

Kevin Cooper


With more than 37 years of experience in the auto repair industry, Kevin Cooper made the transition from ASE Master Certified Technician to store owner in 2009 with great success. Kevin has been able to take his vision and create a shop culture that demonstrates constant care for the customers and the service and technician teams. He credits his success to the willingness of our teams to do their very best work. Kevin personally stands behind every repair. He goes the extra mile to always do the next right thing for our team and customers.

Casey Cooper


Casey Cooper is the Coopers Comptroller in charge of business operations for both stores. She is always doing her best behind the scenes to make Coopers Auto Repair the best it can be. Casey enjoys working with good people and has worked hard to surround herself with people of a like mind.

Nichole Temple

Office Administration

Nikki is trusted to oversee daily office operations, customer relations, parts tracking/ bookkeeping for both stores. Nikki is the glue that keeps Coopers Auto Repair Specialists together. She is our customer advocate going beyond auto repair to make sure everyone is happy and taken care of appropriately. Nikki has a heart of gold. She keeps us all smiling with her awesome sense of humor and kind heart.

Clint White

Tacoma Store Manager

Clint has been in the automotive repair industry for over 25 years. He is an ASE Certified Master Technician, Undercar Specialist, and ASE Certified Service Advisor, Customer Advocate successfully managing Coopers Auto Repair Specialists for 5 years. He is super fun to work with as he brings his sense of humor to automotive repair.

Scott Johnson

Puyallup Store Manager

Scott Johnson is an ASE Certified Service Advisor who joined our team at the end of 2015. His great customers service skills made him fit right in from the minute he arrived. He moved into the management position in 2019 at the Puyallup store. He always looks out for the best interests of our customers and his teammates because he cares. Scott loves driving on muddy hills. His goal this year is to go to an away Seahawks game. After a hard day’s work Scott goes home every night and cook’s dinner for his family.

Kyle Cooper

Service Advisor

Kyle Cooper has dedicated himself to the family business by being our customer advocate at both shop since 2010. Kyle is an ASE Certified Service Advisor. He also holds his Technician Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certifications since 1995. Kyle is loyal, kind and smart. We enjoy having Kyle around. He is famous for his delicious BBQ. His goal this year is to go to an away Seahawks game.

Mike Obrien

Service Advisor

Mike Obrien has 35 years of experience in the automotive field. He has had his ASE recertified many times, in the process of doing it again. Mike knows a lot about a lot cars. His favorite car is a Chevelle.

Zack Morgan


Zack Morgan is our tool wielding Ninja of Automotive Excellence! He graduated from college with an associate degree at age 17. He continued his education and became a fully certified ASE Advanced Level Specialist, Master Technician at 19. Zack has his L1 State Emissions Repair Certification. Zack is our lead Technician at the Puyallup Store. He has worked on cars for over 19 years. Zack is a Western WA. Native, that lives in Puyallup with his wife, two daughters and his dog.

Nick Miller


Nick Miller is a great Technician to work with. He has been with us for 2 years. He almost always has a smile on his face! In 2019 we were able to provide Nick his dream shop giving him the space he needs to fix vehicles. Nick loves Diesel trucks, his soon to be wife Brandy and his two little girls!

Gabriel Healea


Gabe is one of our original Technicians! He started working on cars in 1998, graduating from Wyotech. He has received his full certification as a Master Auto Repair Technician by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. He is an L1 Advanced Level Specialist and has his Washington State Emission Repair Technician Certification. Gabe is a Diesel, Emission repair specialist. Gabe enjoys problem solving, he keeps up with all the latest technologies. Gabe’s favorite car is a motorcycle, he is a fun guy to work with, super smart and funny. He loves spending time with his kids.

Cameron Inman


Cameron Inman, also known as Gary, came to us in 2018 from Seattle and quickly fit right in at both stores. We knew he was a keeper when he bought a new home in our area and moved his young family here. Cam is always willing to get the job done right. He has his ASE Certifications. He is highly skilled in the art of auto repair. He loves hanging out with his family and new baby, working on their new house.

Allen Polk


Allen Polk is ASE Certified. He came to Coopers in 2019. We are starting to get to know him. His favorite car is a 1971 Chevy Nova. He plays guitar. He claims he isn’t famous for anything. Allen is a good guy to have on our team. He shared a personal goal with me for this year, if everyone had his goal the world would be a way better place by the end of 2020.

Anthony Moeller


Anthony Moeller, also known as Lil’ Gary, has been with us short time but has quickly become a household name because of his abilities to do his job right. He was trained at Green River College he is ASE Certified. All of us agree he is a great guy to have in the shop, always keeps a positive attitude. He has won the employee spotlight award from his peers more times than anyone else on the entire team. That means a lot.