An Introduction to Spark Plugs

Spark Plug Maintenance and Repair

There are many signs of trouble that will let you know it’s time to visit Coopers Auto Repair Specialists in Puyallup, WA. The most obvious of them all is, of course, if the engine won’t start. That’s going to require some immediate investigation from our team. The second most obvious sign is the check engine light. Either way, Coopers Auto Repair Specialists should be your first stop. Whatever the warning sign is, your spark plugs could be the cause.

What Do They Really Do?

Spark plugs create little bolts of electricity that are used to ignite the internal combustion chamber that starts the car. This in turn puts the pistons in motion so that the car is powered and running. Consider the spark plugs as the components that create the needed electricity to start your vehicle, and every other engine component. Spark plugs ignite the fuel in the engine’s ignition chamber.

Signs of Spark Plug Issues

If your vehicle is failing to accelerate immediately after pressing the gas pedal, this may be a sign of spark plug problems. Any delay in acceleration might be caused by a damaged spark plug. If you are noticing that your vehicle is not operating with the same fuel efficiency that you expect, there very well may be a problem with the spark plugs, since spark plugs are designed to help the engine burn fuel more efficiently. Additionally, a spark plug issue may cause your check engine light to illuminate.

The Importance of Check Engine Light Maintenance

The importance of the check engine light maintenance service cannot be overstated. Knowledge is power when your engine won’t start. Our team of experts will provide all the knowledge you need, which can include a thorough inspection and spark plug replacements if necessary. We’ll find out if it’s a malfunctioning spark plug that’s preventing the engine from starting. Stop by our shop today to find out the cause of any check engine light, in order to prevent costly repairs and breakdowns.

If you’re having trouble starting your engine, bring it by Coopers Auto Repair Specialists, in Puyallup, WA for a spark plug inspection, repair, or replacement.

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