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Is there a difference between a gearbox and a transmission?

You may have heard the terms “gearbox” and “transmission” at one time or another and wondered if they were different terms for the same parts of your vehicle. The truth is that while they’re connected, they do, in fact, reference different parts of systems on your vehicle. What is a Transmission? A transmission is the

What can Fleet Maintenance Do For You?

Are you in charge of a fleet of vehicles? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the task of keeping all the fleet vehicles maintained and in good working order? Why not let Cooper’s Auto Repair Specialists in Puyallup, WA, help take that stress away? Fleet maintenance is essential to keeping your business on the road.

Top Five Signs That You Need a Transmission Repair

The timing of your vehicle’s transmission repair depends a lot on you. The goal should be to avoid a transmission repair, replacement, or rebuild at all costs, but sometimes that’s not possible. Before you know it, you can be experiencing acceleration, shifting, and stalling issues with your vehicle. People often find themselves in this situation

An Introduction to Spark Plugs

Spark Plug Maintenance and Repair There are many signs of trouble that will let you know it’s time to visit Coopers Auto Repair Specialists in Puyallup, WA. The most obvious of them all is, of course, if the engine won’t start. That’s going to require some immediate investigation from our team. The second most obvious

Is Your Fuel Injector Bad?

Five Signs Your Fuel Injector Needs Service Your vehicle’s fuel injection system is probably something you never think about, because you don’t realize what’s happening under the hood. It’s the rather complex system that allows the correct mixture of air and fuel into the combustion chamber, which causes the chemical reaction to start your engine.

Essential Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Five “Secrets” to Extending Vehicle Road-Life We all want to get the most mileage and the most efficient driving experiences out of our car, truck, or SUV. This doesn’t happen by accident. Drivers have to consistently maintain their vehicle by giving it quality service and attention. Fortunately, these important services are available from our qualified

How Speed Bumps Can Impact Your Car

Common Issues Caused by Speed Bumps Speed bumps have undoubtedly done more to make road travel safer in general. Some of us need a reminder to slow down in a school zone, parking lot, or neighborhood. We can assume that speed bumps have been partly responsible for protecting lives, protecting property, and maintaining order. While

What is Regenerative Braking?

How Electric Vehicles Have Revolutionized Braking Systems The electric vehicle is adding years to earth’s life, one environmentally-conscious vehicle at a time. Just by using electricity as its alternate fueling source, we are minimizing our collective carbon footprint. But wait, there’s more! Engineers have also found a way to conserve and reuse the kinetic energy

Five Signs of a Failing Ignition

The Signs Your Ignition Needs Service Every day we put our car keys in the ignition and turn it without thinking twice about what has to happen before the engine starts rumbling. Most drivers take it for granted unless there’s a problem and the engine won’t turn over, and they’re stranded! No matter when and

Have You Ever Wondered How the Ignition Works?

A Simple Explanation of the Ignition System It’s Electric! Essentially, it takes a little bolt of electricity to start it all. The ignition system is the generator and conduit of the electricity necessary to power your vehicle. Think about how fast lightning is; that’s about how fast the ignition process happens in your vehicle. As