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What is the Catalytic Converter?

How the Catalytic Converter Keeps Us Safe Air pollution is a serious problem in many cities throughout the U.S., and vehicle emissions are the number one culprit. Many of us are forced to breathe in this pollution without even realizing it. Engineers and car manufacturers continue to develop new ways to mitigate the pollutants that

Five Tips for a Strong Diesel Engine

Get the Most Out of Your Diesel Vehicle Diesel vehicles do the majority of the difficult transporting, loading, and towing of heavy objects and machinery. It’s the strong and durable performance of the diesel engine that makes our country’s industries run smoothly. While you might not be thinking about what’s making your vehicle so efficient,

Can You Trust Your Fleet Management Team?

How To Choose the Right Fleet Repair Technicians There’s a method to choosing the right auto services. We should all accept the fact that not all repair shops and technicians are equal. Some are lacking in the latest tools and equipment, and others are lacking in the customer service department. But finding the best fleet

Make Safe Driving Part of Your Fleet Management

Your Fleet is Your Business. Your Business is Your Money. Rule #1 for any type of road travel is to “Be Safe,” and that’s especially true for any fleet drivers in Puyallup, WA. Anything that keeps your vehicles off the road and out of circulation is taking money out of your pocket. Your fleet should

What Are Car and Truck Shocks?

Shocks and Suspension If you drive a car or truck, you may have heard that your vehicle has shocks. Most drivers don’t know what these are. Many people think that shocks and suspension are interchangeable terms. At Coopers Auto Repair Specialists, we strive to inform our customers as well as we can. So, below is

4 Tips for Better Fleet Maintenance

Do You Need Better Fleet Maintenance? If you manage a fleet of vehicles, you know that handling all the maintenance can be difficult. There is a lot to keep track of and, potentially, a lot of expenses. The experts at Coopers Auto Repair Specialists know some changes you can make in how you approach fleet

Types of Motor Oil

Motor Oil Explained Most motorists know there are different types of motor oil available, but a surprising number of people don’t know what kind of oil their vehicle uses. Whether you plan to change your own oil or you’re taking your car in for professional oil services, you should know what type of oil to

The Most Expensive Check Engine Light Causes

Why Is My Check Engine Light On? If you own a car or truck, chances are you have experienced the check engine light illuminating at some point. The reasons for this can range from a loose gas cap to a malfunctioning transmission. It is one of the most varied indicators in your vehicle. While many

Popular Used Diesel Engines

The Best Used Diesel Engines If you need a replacement engine or a sourcing one for your project vehicle, you may look to some of the best engines from years gone. While many diesel engines have been good, only a few have been truly noteworthy. Often, these combine reliability and pulling power so you can

How To Clean a Direct Fuel Injection Engine

Cleaning a Direct Fuel Injection Engine Many engines use a carburetor and port fuel injection system to provide an air/fuel mixture to the cylinder and to clean any residue along the way. A direct fuel injection engine, however, doesn’t allow the same cleaning technique. Find out how this type of engine can form dangerous deposits