Can You Trust Your Fleet Management Team?

How To Choose the Right Fleet Repair Technicians

There’s a method to choosing the right auto services. We should all accept the fact that not all repair shops and technicians are equal. Some are lacking in the latest tools and equipment, and others are lacking in the customer service department. But finding the best fleet management team in your area is vital when you plan to run a productive and profitable business. Make sure you follow these steps when choosing your fleet service technicians.

Get Referrals

Often, the best way to find out who performs the best fleet repair service is by word-of-mouth. While this isn’t scientific, or always correct, it’s certainly one of the most unbiased and honest reviews that you can get. When you seek a referral, there are all kinds of other factors that may weigh into the person’s critique, and that goes for good critiques and bad critiques. So your best option is to get a referral from a person that you trust. It would be great if the person is in the same industry as you. A referral from a person will at least be in your best interest.

Check Online Reviews

Online reviews can be very informative. Depending on the source of the review, you can find out much more insight and information than you ever expected. On one hand, the review could be highly emotional and “in the moment,” but on the other, an online review gives a consumer time to edit their thoughts for clarity and thoroughness. You might want to get the name of repair shops of interest and look for online reviews. Compare notes of the various repair shops reviews. Make sure you check for reviews of shops with services that match exactly what you need.

Visit the Shop

There’s nothing better than actually visiting the repair shop that you’re interested in. People can tell you anything, and you can read varying opinions online, but when you visit the shop, that’s when you’ll know if it’s the right fleet repair shop for you. Take your time at the potential fleet repair shop to ask all the questions that you may have. Let them know exactly what you will be expecting from them, and also ask them if they can give you examples of other businesses with whom they are working. You should make sure you have actually visited the fleet repair shop before you start scheduling any of your services.

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Written by Coopers Auto Repair Specialists

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