Check Engine Light Troubleshooting in Tacoma, WA

What Caused My Check Engine Light to Come On?

Your check engine can come on for any number of reasons. Nevertheless, don’t worry just because the light came on doesn’t mean you have a disastrous repair ahead of you. It could just be your gas cap isn’t screwed on correctly. Your vehicle’s internal computer or OBD system monitors many things within your car. Everything from your catalytic converter to your emissions system is monitored to ensure everything is working correctly. If your check engine light comes on, we suggest you bring your car to Coopers Auto Repair Specialists in Tacoma, WA and one of our specialists can diagnose the problem for you. Using a state of the art, dealership quality diagnostic equipment our techs are able to diagnose and fix problems with ease. Our team of ASE technicians and Master technicians are always here to help and work hard to create lasting relationships within the Tacoma community.

Common Trouble Codes

There is one way to find out why your check engine light is on and that is to hook it up to an OBD Scanner. The scanner will then give you codes that inform you of where the issue is occurring. The most common issue that will trigger your check engine light is your oxygen sensor. Second would be your gas cap, if your cap is loose or damaged vapors leak and throw off fuel systems readings. The next common culprit would be your catalytic converter. With regular maintenance, your catalytic converter should never fail. If it does fail it is usually related to a damaged spark plug or an O2 sensor failure. These are just a few reasons why regular scheduled maintenance is important to keep your car out of the shop and to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Why Choose Coopers Auto Repair Specialists?

At Coopers we understand how inconvenient check engine light problems can be, and we are here to help alleviate some of the stress. Unexpected car trouble can be hard on anyone’s budget. We work with our customer’s and do what we can to help. Going the extra mile is normal for us. Family owned and operated and woman, kid, and pet-friendly. We give free rides to work, school, or home and that is just one way we like to help our customers. Rental cars are also available if necessary. Safety is our number one concern and we are a part of the NAPA AutoCare Family. That means that every repair is backed by a nationwide 24-month / 24,000-mile warranty. Furthermore, we are also a AAA approved auto repair facility. Our team is comprised mostly of ASE Master technicians and their expertise and knowledge are a big part of the reason we are so successful. The next time your check engine light comes on stop by, call, or schedule service online and Coopers of Tacoma will help you out. Still not convinced? Check out our reviews