We Maintain Your Chrysler’s Quality--Tacoma, WA

Keep the Luxury Ride Going--Coopers Auto Repair Specialist

The Chrysler has been an integral part of the American experiment for close to a century. A prime example of the style, luxury, and durability that’s inherently a part of American automotive engineering. Chrysler drivers know better than anyone what driving a Chrysler means. It means pride in American ingenuity, creativity, and workmanship. All the value that are used to built your outstanding Chrysler vehicle are the same ones we use to keep it in motion. The life of your Chrysler depends on several factors, just like the life of any valuable piece of property. Chrysler manufacturers have created you an affordable luxury vehicle, and Cooper has staffed itself with expert Chrysler technicians. The only thing left to do to ensure the long life of your beautiful Chrysler is for you to stop by one our two convenient location in Tacoma, WA. Chrysler, You, and Coopers Auto Repair Specialists make a good team. We’ll keep you safe, secure, and driving in the lap of luxury as long as you don’t “split up the team.” We’re Chrysler experts, and we understand the how it’s design is different from other makes. We can design a maintenance program that factors in your vehicle’s age, your driving habits, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. The key to maintaining the quality performance of your Chrysler is effective and timely maintenance.

Our technicians can perform any of your Chrysler’s repair needs. The goal of Coopers Auto Repair’s quality service is to avoid costly repairs, and keep you riding in style for years to come. However, repairs to your Chrysler might be unavoidable. It happens. No worries though, we have you and your Chrysler covered. From minor to major repairs, we know how to get you back in the fast lane, and keep you out of the garage. Your Chrysler engine superior performance can be restored by our technicians’ engine repairs, rebuilds, and replacements. If you’re having any brake problems, which usually starts with an annoying squeal, or worse, a grinding. Our experts will give you a thorough brake inspection, and determine the best course of action. The goal of our services are always to take you back in time, to when you first drove your vehicle off the Chrysler lot. Bring your Chrysler to Coopers Auto Repair Specialists first, and we’ll save you a lot of time and money.