Cummins Diesel Engine Service--Tacoma, WA

Powering Your On and Off Highway Cummins--Coopers Auto Repair Specialists

A lot of our customers require technicians that know how to service their on and off-highway vehicles. Coopers Auto Repair Specialists are the team you should be calling for your Cummins engine servicing. Finding a mechanic that can handle any vehicle’s engine you own is priceless. Whether your vehicle is used for your commute to work, to power a motor home, or your latest agricultural or landscaping project. We keep your Cummins engine ready to go. Cummins engines are known for their improved emissions and efficient fuel economy. Our customers have a variety of uses for their Cummins engines. Fire and emergency truck engines can be serviced by the experts at Coopers Auto Repair Specialists. Any of our city’s emergency service providers should feel completely comfortable bringing their fleet to our shop. If you have any personal or commercial vehicles used for any construction or farming needs, like tractors or backhoes, powered by a Cummins engine. Bring it here first! We can correctly diagnose any repair needs and keep you on schedule for any of your work. In addition to motorhomes and everyday light trucking needs, we’re here to keep our public transportation safe. Urban bus systems can stay efficient when they bring their Cummins engines to be serviced by us. Optimum performance should also be expected to keep our Tacoma’s schoolchildren safe too. School buses are powered by Cummins engines and our techs are ready to take of them as well.

Cummins engine have always been at the forefront of engine manufacturing innovation. As the fuel economy and the durability of Cummins engines continue to improve, drivers need a mechanics that have stayed on top of all the changes. We continue to educate ourselves on the best maintenance for a Cummins engine. Their advancements have also expanded towards the environment and the improved emissions standards. While we can inspect all vehicles for emissions standards, we can also fix the same issues with your Cummins engine’s emissions. Whatever you are using your off-highway vehicle for, we will keep you on schedule. Heavy-duty trucks need a fully operational Cummins engine to meet construction deadlines. Tractors need work the farming land for the next season. And school buses need to safely carry our kids to and from school every day. Your Cummins engine is key to that, and we are key in maintaining your Cummins engine.