Direct Fuel Injection Explained

Why Does It Matter?

Understanding the differences between direct fuel injection and standard injection methods is an important maintenance step for your vehicle. Learn about this system, its benefits, and the signs that you need fuel injection repairs today from the expert mechanics at Coopers Auto Repair Specialists in Puyallup, Washington.

What Is Direct Fuel Injection?

Internal combustion engines rely on a fine-tuned mixture of air and fuel. In conventional engines, the fuel enters the air intake manifold as a mist and mixes with air. This air/fuel mixture then moves into the combustion chamber to be ignited.

A direct injection system sends the fuel directly into the combustion chamber. This skips the mixture step in the air manifold and allows it to be mixed right at the sight of combustion. The result is a more precise, adjustable fuel injection system. When combined with accurate sensors, your engine control unit can adjust the amount of fuel to fine-tune your engine and improve fuel economy and efficiency.

This injection system is common with diesel engines but can also be found on many conventional engines. Lowered costs of production technology and increased price of fuel has resulted in expanded use of these innovative systems in the latest models of vehicles.

How Does It Affect My Engine?

The most important difference is efficiency. Injecting fuel into the air manifold is less efficient and causes some fuel to be sent out the exhaust instead of being burned up. The computer-managed fuel injection system is more fuel-efficient and creates the ideal mixture at the exact point of combustion.

The major downside to this system is its cost of manufacturing and repairs. These components are more expensive than traditional fuel injection options, so you may need to invest in quality repairs. Be sure you choose a mechanic who is experienced working with these systems.

Where Can I Go for Engine Repairs?

In Puyallup, Washington, Coopers Auto Repair Specialists are your premier fuel injection and engine repair team. Receive affordable repairs by ASE-certified technicians in your local area by scheduling a service today. Enjoy a generous three-year, 36,000-mile warranty on all repairs for added peace of mind. Work with a technician who understands the signs of damage and can offer reliable, affordable services for your engine.

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