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The Dodge is a classic American make of vehicle that comes in several shapes and sizes of cars, trucks, and SUVs. There’s a model for every type of driver, and for every need, whether towing, off-roading, racing, or commuting to work. What you need is a mechanic that is just as versatile as your Dodge. Its best performance is still yet to come, because while other cars lose power with age, your Dodge maintains and might even gain with the proper maintenance. We take into account what type of Dodge you’re driving, and what your driving habits are when developing a maintenance schedule for you. Coopers Auto Repair Specialists pays close attention to the manufacturers recommendations for your Dodge as well. The oil changes and filter changes are the most important engine maintenance for your Dodge. Some owners may not be aware of the benefits of using synthetic oil for their specific vehicle’s use. The age of the vehicle and the terrain it’s driven on will have a definite effect on the engine’s performance and vary the maintenance needs. In order to guide you to the best plan for your Dodge, you should rely on the experts at Coopers Auto Repair Specialists.

Your Dodge engine is a unique piece of machinery. Drivers have enjoyed their Dodges for decades and have enjoyed keeping them running for a long time. This can always be handled by a strategic maintenance provided by a Dodge specialist. Whether it’s a brake repair, like your pads or rotors, or an engine rebuild or replacement, we are a full service repair shop that handles both minor and major repairs.This type of specialized care sounds like it might be expensive, but not at Coopers Auto Repair Specialists. We want our customers to know we care about their safety above all else. Your loyal patronage is very much appreciated, but our goal is always the same as yours. To get you back, ruling the roads, as quickly as possible. And like you, we hope don’t want you to have to come back anytime soon. We understand, so the same quality repairs and maintenance we provide for our own cars, we provide for you.