Fuel Injection Service in Tacoma, WA

Professional Fuel Injection Maintenance and Repair

Maintaining your vehicle is important. However, knowing what to do and when to do it can be difficult. Fuel injection service is maintenance that is necessary but not as often as an oil change or brake pad replacement. We recommend having your fuel injection system inspected every 45,000 miles. This service is often completed during certain factory scheduled maintenance intervals. Therefore, it is also important to refer to your owner’s manual. That being said, if you own an older vehicle or have high mileage it might help your vehicle’s performance and possible fix a couple problems. Coopers Auto Repair Specialists of Tacoma, WA is your local fuel injection repair expert. Our team of ASE certified technicians and Master Technicians are very knowledgably, and have expert diagnosis skills that aid in repairing problems quickly. If you think you are having fuel injection problems, stop by and let one of our technicians inspect it for you.

Common Signals of Fuel Injection Problems

your fuel injector pressurizes and pumps fuel through a valve in a fine cone shaped spray into the engine. The cone shaped mists makes it easier to ignite evenly and burn more efficiently. Eventually deposits from fuel build up. This can clog the injector and decrease performance. A few symptoms of necessary fuel injection repair are rough idling, hard starting, poor acceleration, hesitation, and decreased gas mileage. Checking if your fuel injectors are clogged isn’t easy, it can often take an hour to access and evaluate. A certified technician should perform the inspection and decide if any action is vital.

How to Keep Your Fuel Injectors Cleaner for Longer

If your vehicle is newer than 2004 than you are less likely to need your fuel injectors cleaned as often. This is because newer designs and better additives within fuel reduce the amount of buildup that occurs, but this does not eliminate the need for periodic cleaning. There are products on the market that you can add to your fuel yourself. Yet, this is not advised and could end up damaging your engine rather than helping. The best thing you can do is use quality gas and have your fuel injectors serviced every 45,000 miles.

Schedule Fuel Injector Repair

Whether you are in Tacoma or Puyallup Coopers Autp Repair Specialists are here to help you with your fuel injection service. We provide a 36 month / 36,000 mile warranty to back up all service and repairs. Free local shuttle service is available up on request. Let us help you keep your engine running strong call or schedule service online.