How Speed Bumps Can Impact Your Car

Common Issues Caused by Speed Bumps

Speed bumps have undoubtedly done more to make road travel safer in general. Some of us need a reminder to slow down in a school zone, parking lot, or neighborhood. We can assume that speed bumps have been partly responsible for protecting lives, protecting property, and maintaining order. While the speed bump does so many great things, your vehicle may not be its biggest fan. Here are a few of the auto repair concerns that can be caused by the speed bump.


Wheel alignment is one of the most common repair needs caused by a minor collision with a speed bump. Sometimes when driving, we take our eyes off the road just for a second. Not smart! Things like pedestrians, other cars, and speed bumps have a way of coming out of nowhere. They’re designed to force you to slow down, and they work. But the impact can knock the wheels out of alignment, causing you to drift.


As you might guess, the speed bump is the natural enemy of the suspension. It’s the system that’s most affected by the up and down motion as it moves over a speed bump. If you’re surprised by the speed bump and you’re moving at the wrong speed or angle, the suspension’s components can be compromised. Excessive wear-and-tear on the suspension can come from constant collision with speed bumps, if left unaddressed.


Vehicles with a low hanging exhaust system are susceptible to damage from speed bumps. The exhaust system could come into contact with the speed bump every time, if it’s not attached securely. If the suspension is already damaged, that could also be the cause of the speed bump’s impact with the exhaust system.


Traveling at a high speed over a speed bump can cause serious damage to a variety of vehicle components. Just like running into a curb or driving over a pothole at a high speed can cause the wheels to be misaligned, hitting a speed bump at a high speed can cause a wheel axle to be seriously damaged.

Your best–and safest–bet is to slow down and keep an eye out for speed bumps. This will help you to avoid damage to your vehicle. However, if you are experiencing problems with your steering, suspension, exhaust, or axles, come see us at Coopers Auto Repair Specialists in Tacoma, WA, today.

Written by Coopers Auto Repair Specialists

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