How To Clean a Direct Fuel Injection Engine

Cleaning a Direct Fuel Injection Engine

Many engines use a carburetor and port fuel injection system to provide an air/fuel mixture to the cylinder and to clean any residue along the way. A direct fuel injection engine, however, doesn’t allow the same cleaning technique. Find out how this type of engine can form dangerous deposits and how the professionals at Coopers Auto Repair Specialists in Tacoma, Washington, can assist you in restoring the power and performance of your engine.

How Deposits Form in an Engine

Direct fuel injection is a highly efficient way to reduce pollution and ensure virtually every molecule of gasoline is used. While this is good news for the environment and your fuel economy, it means that cleaning additives in your fuel aren’t doing their job and cleaning the intake valves.

As small amounts of oil leak through the intake valve stems, oil bakes onto the sides of the valves and creates carbon buildup. Over time, this can affect the seal of the intake valve and even cause chunks of carbon to damage piston rings.

Cleaning Tips and Techniques

A common technique for preventing this is to switch to premium full synthetic oil. This type of oil reduces the amount of carbon buildup around the intake valve stems. Certain full synthetic oil types avoid thermal breakdown and oxidation, which are the common causes of carbon buildup.

If it’s too late and your engine already has carbon buildup, then turn to a quality auto shop near you for full-service inspection and intake valve maintenance. A team of trained technicians can use a chemical mixture to clean the valves. It’s a precise service that isn’t recommended as a DIY solution, but it is far more cost-effective than a complete engine teardown.

Benefits of Professional Services

Work with an auto shop that will offer a generous warranty on all their parts and services. At Coopers Auto Repair Specialists, we offer a three year or 36,000-mile warranty on all our parts and labor. Schedule a service with us today to find out how we can solve your carbon buildup issue, restore full efficiency to your direct fuel injection engine and create a solution that prevents further buildup as you commute in Tacoma, Washington.

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