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No one understands the importance of repairs and maintenance like an International diesel truck driver. You spend a large majority of your life on the road, and what you trust most while you’re on the road, is the quality of your last diesel truck service. Whether you’re carrying a load cross country, or your cargo is relocating a family’s furniture, or you have a consistent daily delivery up the coast, you have to trust your mechanics put you and your truck in the best position to make your deadline. Coopers Auto Repair Specialists in Tacoma, WA want all diesel truck drivers to know they have a repair shop they can trust. Each of our technicians have decades of training and experience to apply to your International’s services. Stop here as soon as your maintenance needs arise, and let us introduce you to our excellent customer service, exceptional diesel truck services. We are an excellent alternative to any dealership or random trucking yard. Our prices are affordable and our variety of expertise is unmatched. You can trust that the diesel truck technicians at Coopers Auto Repair have put you in the most finely tuned and maintained truck. Feel complete confidence as you carry your loads, deliver your products, and meet your deadlines–make your money!

Cooper Auto Repair Specialists in Tacoma, WA are skilled in every repair and maintenance service for your International truck. The mileage demands of your truck are a part of the deal. We understand that the diesel truck engine for some will require slightly different needs than others. Having a technician on hand that understands your specific needs and can adjust services to better suit you is the least that an International driver can ask for. More diesel trucks are being built with electrical components to enhance the diesel trucks performance. And you should only trust your International to technicians that know how to service these innovations. Your repairs will always begin with our expert diagnosis that lets you know exactly what you’re facing. The excellent condition of your engine may need an engine repair or it may need to be replaced. Your International’s faulty cooling system may be responding to something you were not aware of. Or your fuel injectors could need a quick and easy repair to restore your engine’s performance. No matter the problem, we can find out what it is, and we can fix it. But we’d like you to bring your International to us, so we can stay ahead of any repairs in the first place. Stop by one of our Tacoma locations today, or send us an email or call so we can discuss how we can help you. Appointments can be easily scheduled online. Just pick a day!