Performance vs. OEM Brakes for Your Vehicle

Which Brakes Are Right for My Vehicle?

Grinding, squealing, or inefficient brakes need to be replaced quickly to avoid reduced stopping power and increased risk of collision. However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the number of brake pads for your vehicle. Whether you’re looking to improve your braking performance or restore your OEM power, the expert mechanics at Coopers Auto Repair Specialists want to help you compare common brake pad options for your vehicle in Puyallup, Washington.

Benefits of OEM Brake Pads

Your vehicle’s manufacturer chose these pads for a reason. OEM brake pads typically offer excellent performance for most driving situations. Here are the most common factors that manufacturers use to choose brake pads:

  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Stopping power
  • Lifetime
  • Cost
  • Cold-weather efficiency

If you’ve been happy with the performance of your brakes so far, there may not be any reason to try something new. Ask a local mechanic to swap out worn-out pads with OEM replacements for hassle-free maintenance. These reliable pads can typically last about 50,000 miles with few performance issues.

Benefits of Performance Pads

Specialized driving requires specialized brake pads. OEM pads are designed for daily commutes and other typical driving habits. If you like to push the boundaries and see what your vehicle is capable of, you may need aftermarket performance pads.

Performance brake pads reduce your stopping distance and typically operate more efficiently in extreme temperatures. The unique compounds offer consistent, reliable braking in harsh conditions. However, this added performance usually costs more and can come with reduced brake pad lifespans.

Ask about ceramic, semi-metallic, or other brake options to tailor your ride to your specific driving style. Whether you’re off-roading or hitting the race track, these specialized pads have features that you need for an intense ride and safe stopping power. Don’t expect your performance pads to last as long as OEM options since they’re prone to more wear.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Brake Repair Services

Discuss your brake needs with our team at Coopers Auto Repair Specialists today to learn which pads best fit your driving style. Request an appointment at our Puyallup, Washington location and enjoy three years or 36,000 miles of warrantied brake repair services. Ask about different brake pad options and enjoy full-service repairs that keep your vehicle safe.

Written by Coopers Auto Repair Specialists

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