Popular Used Diesel Engines

The Best Used Diesel Engines

If you need a replacement engine or a sourcing one for your project vehicle, you may look to some of the best engines from years gone. While many diesel engines have been good, only a few have been truly noteworthy. Often, these combine reliability and pulling power so you can avoid expensive diesel repair bills while carrying massive payloads. The expert mechanics at Coopers Auto Repair Specialists want to help you find the right engine for your vehicle.

International DT466

This medium-duty truck engine is one of the most used in history. It’s incredibly likely that many of the items around you were in a DT466-powered vehicle at some point. It is immensely popular with fleet managers because it is so reliable and can run for hundreds of thousands of miles. Plus, it has plenty of power for moving freight.

GM 6.6L Duramax

No diesel list would be complete without the Duramax. This engine has been epoch-defining for GM’s diesel trucks since its 2001 introduction. It has reliable horsepower and torque capacity (360 bhp and 650 lb-ft, respectively). The latest version is very refined and an all-around great engine. Even the first series of the Duramax is reliable and ideal for any truck.

International 7.3L Power Stroke

The International 7.3L Power Stroke is one of the most widely used turbo diesel engines in U.S. history. In fact, it was in more trucks than any previous engine. It is very reliable and easy to keep on the road. It may not have the most power or torque capacity of all the engines on this list, but it is still a real powerhouse. Plus, it is readily available even today.

Detroit Diesel Series 60

The Detroit Diesel Series 60 was one of the first modern diesel engines using electronic controls. It was turbocharged and unit fuel injected. With a maximum torque load of up to 1,650 pound-feet, this engine could take on any job. Many current turbo diesel engines are based on this design. Better yet, many of these forerunners are still going.

Diesel Repair and Service in Puyallup

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