Spring Cleaning Ideas


Warmer weather is on the way which means it’s time for Spring Cleaning! It may be on your list to tackle the closets full of winter coats and clean out the garage to make room for more gardening tools, your car may not receive the full TLC it deserves. A few quick and easy DIY tips will have your ride feeling fresh and clean and ready to start those warm weather adventures!

Remove any and all trash

This may seem like an obvious first step but removing used cups and gum wrappers from the cups makes a huge difference. Grab trash bag and start clearing- if it’s not useful(ie. that broken pen you that’s lived in your center console since 2014), lose it! Start a habit of keeping a small garbage bag in the car at all times- if you commit to emptying the bag often, you’ll keep your car feeling clutter free all the time.

Dust from the top down

Grab a microfiber rag and get moving. All of that pesky Spring pollen has surely found it’s way into your car. Make sure you get the nooks and crannies of your dashboard!

Take out floor mats

Give each mat a good shake outside the car(with the car doors closed) and then vacuum each one. Try vacuuming in one direction really well, then switching directions to get deep into the mat fibers.

While you’re letting the floor mats air our, go ahead and take the vacuum to the interior of the car. Vacuum between seat cushions, inside the cup holders, and anywhere else you can get. While you can go to any gas station and use their vacuum, consider purchasing a shop vac- they’re easy to store, inexpensive, and it comes in handy for quick clean ups.

Wash your windows

Use an all purpose cleaner or specialty cleaner, and clean the interior and exterior areas of your windows, and front and rear windshields. For a streak free clean, try using a mixture of white vinegar diluted with water.

Replace car air fresheners

Whether you use Little Trees, plug-ins or opt for a combination of essential oils, be sure to make your car smell fresh! If going the essential oil route, add a few drops to a paper towel and wipe down solid interior parts of the car or place a few drops on a paper towel and store the paper towel under one of the seats.

Make sure you visit your local auto repair center to make sure your car is running as great as it looks.

Written by Coopers Auto Repair Specialists

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