Your Brake Repair Experts in Tacoma, WA

Make Sure Your Brakes Are up to the Task

Coopers Auto Repair Specialists in Tacoma know you care about your safety, and you should know that we care about it too! Perhaps one of the largest safety hazards on the road is brake malfunction. When you need your car to stop, it needs to stop! Without correctly functioning brakes, your safety and others safety is without a doubt at risk. At Cooper’s Auto Repair Specialists, we are brake repair experts and will make sure your brakes are up to the task and ready for any stops it needs to make, expected or not.

Your Brakes Are Extremely Important

You should always be aware of the condition of your brakes. You can tell there are apparent issues with them by listening, feeling and smelling warning signs. Any screeching, squeaking or any other unusual sounds occurring when you press your brake pedal could mean you have a problem with your brakes. You might be able to detect issues if you can feel any parts grinding, or vibration and pulsing while pressing the pedal. If you are having to apply more pressure than usual to stop, you should bring your car in for a brake pad inspection, as they are inevitably going to wear down over time. If you can smell a burning smell after you’ve operated your car’s brakes, this is urgent and you need to it in as soon as possible, because this can indicate a serious problem with your brakes that can put you directly in danger. Don’t delay important brake repairs because your safety on the road relies on them!

Finding the Right Mechanic

We can repair any issues you might be experiencing with your brakes, but we also know how annoying and unsettling an unexpected problem can be. The best way to prevent these issues is by keeping up with your car’s factory suggested maintenance schedule. Depending on make and model, most brake pads need to be replaced anywhere between every 20,000-60,000 miles. Brake pad replacement helps avoid disaster and inconvenience. Our expert brake repair team will help you decide the current state of your brake pads and create a maintenance schedule to keep you out of the shop for easily avoidable costly repairs. A lot of drivers don’t know that they should also be checking their brake fluid frequently, and replacing it every 20,000-25,000 miles. We can help you to determine whether or not it needs replacing, and we will check it for you during any other regular servicing you come in for.

Schedule an Appointment with Us

Your comfort and safety are important to us. While your car is in for brake repair in our Tacoma location, we offer a comfortable family-friendly waiting area or shuttles and rental cars for more lengthy repairs. Find us located at 1718 103rd St E, Tacoma, WA 98445 or give us a call at (253) 536-3797 to schedule an appointment for brake repairs today. We’ll keep you ready for whatever stops on the road may appear.