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Coopers Auto Repair Specialists in Tacoma, Washington, are ASE Certified, automotive professionals. We understand all vehicle systems, including the suspension, and provide services to keep every part of your car in top condition. Responsible for keeping your ride safe and comfortable, the suspension is easily susceptible to wear and tear. Every time you hit a bump in the road, it can affect the health of the suspension and its parts. If those parts are worn, whether due to heavy use or time, it may negatively impact the wheel alignment, efficiency, handling, and stability of your car! That’s why our team is proud to provide comprehensive coverage for suspension issues. Bring us your vehicle, and we’ll make sure it’s in top condition! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Signs of Suspension Problems

The hardest part of vehicle care can be knowing when to get help. It’s not like your suspension can tell you when it needs professional repairs! But if you know what signs to look for, you can make sure you’re driving the best and safest version of your vehicle and catching any suspension problems early on. Here are a few things to watch out for related to a suspension part health and function:

  • Pulling
  • If your car seems to pull to one side of the road when you’re driving, that means there’s something off with the suspension. You might need a wheel alignment or more in-depth suspension repairs to resolve the issue. Either way, you can visit Coopers Auto Repair Specialists for assistance!

  • Feeling Every Bump in the Road
  • The suspension is there to give you a comfortable, easy driving experience. If driving your car on a well-maintained road feels like an off-road adventure, it might be because your suspension is wearing out. You can restore your comfort and safety with an appointment at our shop.

  • Sagging
  • Does it look like a corner of your car is sagging lower than the others? This is a telltale sign of suspension problems and can cause increased wear on your tires. To avoid premature parts replacements, make an appointment with one of our professionals!

  • Rolling & Leaning
  • Some cars have lower centers of gravity than others, and therefore feel more secure in corners. If your car feels like it’s leaning and rolling more than usual, you might feel uneasy. That’s a good sign to contact professionals for suspension repair to ensure your car is cornering as safely as it should.

  • Difficulty Steering
  • Nothing should impede your ability to maneuver your vehicle safely. If your car feels hard to steer or control, that’s an immediate sign that it’s time to visit a professional for an inspection. Our team can look over things to make sure you are driving with confidence and ease.

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Now that you know when your vehicle needs suspension repairs, the only thing that’s left to do is schedule an appointment! Your local experts at Coopers Auto Repair Specialists in Tacoma, Washington, are ready and waiting to help you out. Make your appointment using our convenient online scheduling system, and one of our friendly staff members will be in touch with you shortly! You can also get in contact with our team by phone at (253) 536-3797 or by visiting our shop at 1718 103rd Street East across from The Family Movers. We look forward to seeing you soon!