What Are Car and Truck Shocks?

Shocks and Suspension

If you drive a car or truck, you may have heard that your vehicle has shocks. Most drivers don’t know what these are. Many people think that shocks and suspension are interchangeable terms. At Coopers Auto Repair Specialists, we strive to inform our customers as well as we can. So, below is a brief overview of what shocks are and how they relate to suspension.

What Are Shocks?

The commonly used term “shocks” is actually short for shock absorbers. The longer name does a better job of describing what they are, but it is still a little confusing. Many people think that shocks absorb impacts from the ground. In reality, the opposite is true. They keep your wheels pressed against the road surface. Without shocks, your vehicle would bounce on its suspension whenever you go over a bump.

Basically, they control the movement of the other suspension components. They allow your wheels to move smoothly, move up and down to absorb bumps, and deal with uneven driving surfaces.

How Do They Work?

If you ask a scientist, he or she will tell you that shocks convert kinetic (movement) energy from your suspension and convert it into thermal (heat) energy. However, if you ask a mechanic, he or she will tell you that shocks are hydraulics that dampen the movement of the suspension.

The shock piston has small holes in it that let fluid through at a specific rate. As it is compressed and decompressed by the movement of the suspension, the shock slows and smooths everything out. The end result is a more comfortable driving experience.

There are a few different types of shocks, each one working in different ways. Some are telescoping, some are struts, and some are spring seat shocks. However, no matter what type of shocks your car or truck has, the primary purpose and process are the same.

Get Shocks and Suspension Service in Puyallup

Like all other components of your vehicle, your shocks and suspension require maintenance. For high-quality work backed by excellent customer service, visit Coopers Auto Repair Specialists in Puyallup. Come to our convenient 122nd Street location or schedule an appointment online.

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