What is a car diagnostic test?

You know how important, regular check-ups are for your physical health, so why would it surprise you to learn that vehicles need regular check-ups, too?

What is a Car Diagnostic Test?

A car diagnostic test uses specialized equipment and software to help your mechanic check all the computer-controlled systems on your vehicle in a safe and efficient way. Your mechanic can often perform a diagnostic test in under 10 minutes, though repairing any issues would take longer, of course. Like a yearly check-up with your doctor can keep small problems from becoming large issues with time and neglect, a vehicle diagnostic test will detect small problems before they become larger ones requiring more expensive and time-consuming repairs.

How Often Should You Have a Vehicle Diagnostic Test Performed?

In the way that the smoke detector near your kitchen is not meant to be a cooking timer, the check engine light isn’t meant to be the first indication there is something wrong with your vehicle. Rather than waiting for the check engine light to come on, take your vehicle in for a diagnostic test if you notice a change in gas mileage or how the vehicle drives. You should also add a vehicle diagnostic test to the preventative maintenance schedule you and your mechanic have set up for your car.

What are the Benefits of a Car Diagnostic Test?

A vehicle diagnostic test takes your mechanic far less time than a full manual inspection of your car and all its systems would, so it saves you money over a manual inspection. As mentioned previously, early detection of problems can reduce the downtime for your vehicle having to be repaired, as well as the cost to repair the issue(s) found via the car diagnostic test.

If you can’t remember the last time you took your car to the shop for a vehicle diagnostic test, it’s time. If you’re in the Tacoma, WA, area, call Cooper’s Auto Repair and Services to make an appointment for one today!

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