Brake Repair in Puyallup, WA

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Purchasing a car isn’t the end of your automotive-related investments. All cars need ongoing care to keep them running safely and reliably. First among the care your vehicle needs are brake repair. This is perhaps the most important thing you can do to ensure you are always driving around Puyallup, Washington, safely! That’s because brakes will wear out over time, and when that happens, they won’t perform their best. Worn out brakes might inhibit your car from stopping quickly, smoothly, or stopping at all. You don’t want to wait until the time that your car’s brakes fail completely! That’s why our ASE Certified technicians are here to help. We provide expert brake repairs for all makes and models in our community!

Signs You Need Brake Repair

Once you know how important brake repair is to your safety and that of your passengers, the only thing that’s left to do is to decide when to get it! Coopers Auto Repair Specialists can help with that too. Visit our shop to get your vehicle’s brakes inspected by one of our qualified team members when you hear or feel one of these common warning signs. If you notice anything like this going on with your car contact us so you can stop in soon.

  • Strange Sounds
  • You shouldn’t hear sounds when you engage your brakes. Squeaking, squealing, and grinding are all indicators of problems that require professional attention.

  • Spongy Brake Pedal
  • Imagine what it feels like to press the brake pedal in your car. Do you have to depress the pedal very far to get your car to stop a bit? Or does pressing the pedal hard cause your car to stop quickly and forcibly? The latter would be the ideal case, as you want your car to be able to stop suddenly in an emergency. If it takes more force from your foot to stop the car, it’s time to see a professional.

  • Rough Stopping
  • Unless you are braking in an emergency, it should be easy to bring your car to a smooth, comfortable stop. Feeling uneven pulsing, jerking, or lurching while stopping is a sign that you need one of our experts for brake repairs to resolve the issue.

How to Schedule Your Next Service

If you think your vehicle needs brake repair, reach out to our experts today! You can schedule an appointment for your service or for an inspection to be sure of the braking system’s overall condition. Use our online scheduling system or call (253) 466-3917 to get started. Our team will be happy to speak with you and set up a convenient time for your vehicle’s next brake service. We also invite you to stop by our facility for walk-in service. Find us at 5315 122nd Street East in Puyallup, Washington, across from El Toro Restaurant. We look forward to hearing from you!