Get the Most Life Out of Your Wiper Blades


It’s an understatement to say that we’re not strangers to rain here in Tacoma. In fact, Washington averages 7 more inches of rain per year than the US national average. We average about 147 rainy days per year! With that much rain, it’s no surprise that we can go through windshield wiper blades pretty frequently. Here are 5 tips to get some extra life out of your windshield wipers.

  1. Clean Regularly
    • Clean both your windshield and your wiper blades frequently to remove any dirt or debris from your windshield.
    • Rub down your wipers with a damp towel to remove any lingering dirt.
    • Clean the bottom of the windshield after any prolonged rain so that your wipers won’t sit in dirt.
    • If your windshield gets damaged, repair or replace it as soon as possible to avoid additional damage to your windshield wipers.

  2. Use Properly
    • Turn off your wipers before turning off your engine.
    • Do not use your wipers on a dry or icy windshield.
    • Rub down your wipers with a damp towel to remove any lingering dirt.

  3. Replace According to Schedule
    • Replace your wipers every 1-2 years or as soon as you notice any issues.
    • Replace both wipers at the same time.
    • Invest in quality wiper blades.

  4. Know the signs of worn-out wipers:
    • A squeaking or chattering noise when in use which could signify that the wipers are no longer conforming to your windshield correctly.
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    • Smears or streaks can be a sign that the rubber is dried out. This could also be result of something being stuck to the windshield or wiper blade.
    • Unflexible wipers. Lift the wipers and check to make sure they’re still flexible enough to conform to the shape of your windshield.
    • Rigid, worn or chipped rubber.
    • A rounded wiper edge.

  5. Don’t forget your back window wiper!

With these tips, you’ll be able to get the most life out of each set of wiper blades! When you’re ready to switch out a set or if you just have questions about wiper blades or car maintenance, contact your local home for auto repair!

Written by Coopers Auto Repair Specialists

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