Pros and Cons of Hybrid and Electric Cars

It’s no secret that environmental awareness is growing. More and more people are becoming environmentally aware and are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprints. While there are multiple ways you can start living a greener life, one increasingly popular method is investing in a hybrid or electric vehicle. Hybrids are cars that use a traditional gas-powered engine, but they also use an electrically powered battery part of the time, while they aren’t completely emission-free they are greener than a strictly gasoline-powered car for sure. An electric vehicle (EV for short), is run completely off of electricity and releases zero emissions. Here is a list of pros and cons of buying hybrids and electric vehicles.

Hybrid pros

A solid reason people like hybrids is because i’t like having the best of both worlds. Hybrid drivers are able to satisfy their goals of reducing carbon footprints while also knowing that if they need to travel far and wide, they can depend on their gasoline-powered engine to help them. Shorter distances can also be driven using EV mode, which saves on gas money!

Hybrid cons

Hybrids typically cost more than plain gas-powered cars and sometimes take away trunk space to make room for the battery in the vehicle. If you don’t have anywhere to plug it in, you won’t be getting a very big return on investment.

EV pros

An electric vehicle costs much less to run considering the fact that you don’t need any gasoline at all to run the vehicle. Studies have shown that EVs pay for themselves long before their lifespan is over. EVs can also be charged at home, or in a parking lot, avoiding the hustle of the gas station. EVs also have no engine noise and, depending on the model, they can be very quick. EV owners also receive incentives like tax breaks and credits for driving green. EVs also require much less maintenance than cars with gas-powered engines.

EV cons

Some models have a limited range, some with 100 miles per charge and they take longer to charge (about 30 minutes) than it takes to fill a tank up with gas. EVs also typically have higher initial costs than gasoline-powered vehicles and not nearly as many options to choose from.

Overall, if you have the right resources, buying a hybrid or EV can definitely work out in your favor, saving you some serious money while also lessening your negative impact on the environment. For now the pros outweigh the cons for both vehicles, but they are still a pretty recent invention and have tons of room for growth as technology advances. If you do have a hybrid, make sure to get it serviced by a mechanic who knows how to service them! We have the expertise and the equipment for hybrid repair here at Coopers Auto Repair Specialists. Just let us know!

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